Travelling abroad is very common for a large number of individuals travelling for recreation or for educational purposes. Also, for a large portion of the business - corporate sector. Do not be exposed to any kind of unexpected danger! International health insurance plans are there to meet your every need.

Travelling abroad professionally, recreationally or educationally, is now a global reality. Especially with regards to the professional sector, the need for many companies to exit an international market, free of the negatives and obstacles posed by the difficult reality that the crisis has brought to the professional field in Greece, results in a sharp increase in professional Travel.

Consensus Insurance Services cares to meet this need, and this is achieved by a wide range of direct co-operations with the largest International insurance companies around the world. This insures coverage through a wide range of insurance plans, and access to the most renowned hospitals, diagnostic centers and medical staff, in the world.

We provide the best international health insurance programs covering all your needs when you travel abroad eliminating all possible anxiety that may be caused by possible obstacles during your journey.

The positive features of the International Health Insurance Programs provided by Consensus Insurance Services.

Through our collaboration with the most renowned and powerful international insurance organizations such as: AXA PPP HealthcareBupa, CignaNow Health, Aetna and ALC, we provide our clients with a variety of benefits besides the free choice of medical benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding time-consuming bureaucratic procedures in the event of a health incident (eg disbursement of money by the insured, authentication of documents by the local Greek consulates)
  • Telephone call to international lines for instructions on how to meet his / her medical needs in the language of the insured
  • In some cases even direct payment of doctors or diagnostic centers is possible

  • Acknowledgment for direct coverage of the hospitalization by the insurance company to the hospital by issuing a letter of guarantee (GOP)
  • Provide a wide range of medical coverage packs that do not exist in their respective home medical insurance packages such as dental care, psychiatric treatment, ophthalmology, vaccinations, etc.

More specifically, the benefits of the International Health Insurance Schemes provide:

  • Small corporate group schemes with at least 3 members.
  • Small corporate group schemes with at least 5 members as main applicants, Medical History Disregarded (MHD). In this case, all pre-existing medical conditions will be covered.
  • Age based group policy schemes. For groups between 3 and 30 members. This means that the premiums are affected only by the age of each member of the program and not by the total claims (reimbursements) of the program the previous year.
  • Claim based group policy schemes. For groups of 30 and over. Annual renewals are affected by past year total claims (reimbursements).
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions by loading insurance premiums or excluding a particular medical condition (with the ability of reevaluating exclusions in each annual renewal).
  • Coverage of ages 0 to 80+ without a medical evaluation of the potential client before the start date.
  • Immediate and direct settlement of hospitalization around the world.
  • Direct settlement of diagnostic tests.
  • Choice of three currencies (Euro, GBP, Dollars).
  • Refund directly to your bank account in Greece or abroad.

  • There is no limitation on the choice of Hospital, Medical – Diagnostic Center, Doctor.
  • Coverage of congenital medical conditions.
  • Coverage of routine dental visits.
  • Coverage of dental visits due to an accident.
  • Annual eye sight test.
  • Eyewear and contact lens covers.
  • Coverage of vaccinations (children and adults).
  • Covering psychotherapy sessions as an outpatient.
  • Covering psychiatric hospitalization.

  • Annual audits – checkup.
  • Coverage of physiotherapy conferences.
  • Repatriation and evacuation expenses.
  • Pre-authorization for any hospitalization in Greece and abroad.
  • Pre-authorization of basic diagnostic tests as an outpatient.
  • Drug and dressings coverage.
  • Coverage of transplantation costs for the patient and the donor.

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